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Our tuition services help students to reach their full academic potential and achieve high academic success


Riara Study Centre


Tuition and Study Centre

Is your child getting low grades or struggling in school? Would you like to maintain your child’s great performance?. This is the perfect place for you. Riara Study centre offers tuition to students of all ages and abilities. We are about developing the full potential of your child in their areas of weakness to ensure achievement of their desired academic results.

Our Mission

Providing comprehensive and individually focused learning that prepares students of all ages for academic and life success.

Our Vision

Help students to build the foundation of their future success by helping them to become independent learners.

Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence, Commitment and Leadership

Why send your children to Riara Study Centre

Academic Excellence

To help your children achieve their full academic potential

Supplementary education

To supplement your children’s studies while attending a traditional school.

Long term injury or illness

To help your child who is forced to miss traditional classes due to Chronic illness or long-term injury

Traveling families

If you are a traveling family from place to place either because of work or because its your lifestyle.

What We Do

Riara Study Centre offers Individualized tuition services aimed at enabling students to reach their full potential and achieve high academic success. We provide a quality tutorial services, which incorporates all subjects.

In Center Tuition

Our study centre is open from Monday to Saturday for your child’s to come and study

Online Tuition

We offer online lessons on all subjects from anywhere across the country

Home Tutoring

Get a tutor to train your Child at the comfort of your home.

Our courses

Our tutors have experience teaching the following education systems:

IGCSE -Both Junior and senior class

8.4.4 (Primary and secondary)

English proficiency (IELTS)




Exam Re-sit



Our tutors are specialists in their fields, who offer a fusion of productive help, support and creative teaching methods. At Riara Study Centre, we establish close and effective links with parents and provide regular feedback on the student’s progress. As we value the importance of enabling each individual to overcome any hurdles which may hinder their progress.

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