There are many reasons to this question.

  • The child is not achieving the expected grades in school.
  • The child is weak in certain areas or subjects.
  • The child is not fulfilling his/her potential.
  • The child easily gets distracted in school and therefore, requires tuition to catch up with lessons.
  • Tuition classes can provide more customized teaching.
  • The teacher is unable to cater to every student’s needs in school due to the diverse abilities.

Besides the above-mentioned, there are other more startling reasons why so many children are having tuition these days in Kenya.

  • Tuition is needed to maintain a competitive edge in school.
  • Parents fear that their children may lose out, especially given the fact that even bright students are receiving tuition.
  • Students resort to tuition to maintain their high standards, even for those who are achieving ‘A” grades.
  • Tuition can provide additional knowledge that a child may not get in school (despite the claim by the Ministry of Education that all schools are good schools).
  • Tuition occupies the child’s time and is used as revision.
  • Tuition has an integral role in Kenya’s education system due to the emphasis on academic excellence.
  • Tuition helps increase the chances of the child getting into a good school, and later a local university

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